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A new band based in Leeds, UK, just released their first E.P. Playing the lead guitar and singing backing vocals is no other than Jackie Chambers from GIRLSCHOOL and previously BLITZKRIEG.

1. Jackie, you recently started a new band, SYTERIA. Who are the musicians playing with you, and how did you meet them?
 I have Julia Calvo on vocals, Keira Kenworthy on bass/B/V's and Pablo Calvo on Drums/ B/V's. I met Julia on FB through a mutual friend, then we found Keira the same way, of course Pablo is Julia's brother and having found it hard to find a female drummer good enough Pablo is now a full time member even though he is male...lol

2. The debut E.P., 'Wake Up', was crowdfunded. How did this happen? What goodies did your fans get?
 We decided we needed something to introduce the band to the world, rather than gigging and gigging then recording. We also had a Xmas single that we did ourselves, too. We put our heads together along with help from our friend and website man Craig Renwick and came up with a few ideas like offering the public Skype calls with band members, signed goods, tea or pub trip with members of the band and a studio hang, which proved popular. Of course the usual things like CD and DVD personal dedications and the usual things all bands seem to offer.

3. You wrote every song for the E.P. Where do you get your inspiration from?
 Life is inspiration really. I open my eyes, see what goes on and write about it; doubt I'll ever run out of material with the amount of things going on these days. ‘Wake Up’ is a call out for people to see the situation mankind is in and make changes, starting with ourselves, otherwise everything will continue to spiral downwards quicker and quicker, as we are seeing now. ‘Reflection’ sums that up I think, 'If you're looking for the light, then look in the mirror'.

4. First, SYTERIA released a christmas single. "Santa has been drink-driving, he is in custody." Why a christmas single, and what's the story behind this one?
 Well, my dad had suggested the title ‘Santa's Harley’ to me years ago and every year I kept meaning to write it, so finally around July last year I did. Then we decided that it was a good opportunity to record it and do our first video in time for Xmas whilst we were going ahead with the pledge campaign. It all worked out well and we had such fun doing the video. I just wanted to make it fun, Santa riding a Harley Davidson to deliver the presents as the Reindeers had all gone on strike, but he's been drinking, takes a leak, gets arrested and so Rudolph has to come to the rescue after all to help... lol Silly idea, but I had an image of how the video should go in my head as I was writing it and Julia put it all together using her mobile phone. I think she did a great job, too.

5. Do politics matter to SYTERIA?
 Well I wouldn't say we were a political band as such, but I do like the lyrics to mean something. I guess I'm at that age now where the love songs don't mean anything and what is going on around me does matter to me.
6) How would you describe/define SYTERIA's music?
 I'd say we were a sort of Rock/Punk/ power pop outfit really, we seem to have melodic songs with harmonies but with the raw energy of punk and a rock driven edge to it all thrown in. Sing along rants then...lol

7) What were your SYTERIA fellow members up to, music wise, before joining you?
 Well Julia used to sing with a band called 8 deadly words and also even now plays in another band called Calvero. Keira plays with a couple of covers bands, the main one with her dad Mike Kenworthy, ex Raven drummer, and they're called Straight Shooter.

8) What can audiences expect from SYTERIA? Gigging with Girlschool occasionally maybe?
 Not sure if that will happen this yr but maybe next yr when our schedules allow that could happen. We have a few gigs lined up for this yr so far. Our 1st gig will be here in Leeds May 6th and after that we have 3 or 4 festivals to play ending the yr with HRH (Hard Rock Hell), which is one of my favourite festivals to play.

9) What are your plans for SYTERIA?
 We have an EP recorded, which we will release this month April 2016 then we plan to do a couple of videos so that the audience can see what we do, then look for a deal or good management to record an album. With lots of gigs thrown in that mix, too.





E.P. ‘Wake Up’ released on April 18, 2016-04-18

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